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Strategic advisory services that drive performance and returns

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Strategy Consulting

Advisory services that drive performance and returns

how we help our clients

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Effective strategy for a private equity firm requires making hard choices on how to deploy growth capital.

With limited time and capital to generate growth, we help our clients reach their goals of maximizing economic potential on each investment.  Sometimes an outside view yields insights your team overlooks.

Long-Term planning

The key to value creation is choosing the right deals to pursue and developing a long term planning culture.

We work with portfolio CEOs to develop a long-term planning process and culture. From human capital to exit strategy, we help companies plan for the future and any opportunities that may become available.

data & analytics

Though PE portfolio companies are often smaller in size they still can utilize data and analytics to make better

We develop frameworks for companies to gather relevant data from the organization and use analysis to make better management decisions and drive industry disruption.

Who we are

lntellous is an innovative consulting advisory focused on helping private equity firms use strategy development to drive portfolio performance. We advise our clients across the entire portfolio company life cycle from acquisition planning to exit. We work with companies to develop a comprehensive strategy driven culture based on understanding their business, industry, KPl’s and disruptive trends. lntellous Partners is a Nexo Services LLC company.

Warren Walker

Warren Walker is the Managing Partner of lntellous. Warren’s background includes corporate strategy consulting with The Boston Consulting Group and A.T. Kearney as well as business development and acquisitions with JM Huber Corporation and Kea is Records Service. Prior to founding lntellous, Warren was the Director of Strategy and M&A with Dell, Inc. Warren attended Florida A&M University as an undergraduate and received his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Warren currently resides in Houston, Texas.

dennis haskin

Dennis is a Partner with lntellous and leads business development efforts in the business outsourcing and manufacturing industries. Dennis’s background includes business development with Phillip Morris and sales management and distribution in the alcoholic beverages industry. In addition to corporate positions, Dennis has developed several successful entrepreneurial start-up operations. Dennis attended Lamar University as an undergraduate. Dennis was raised in Texas and currently resides in Houston.

christopher moore

Chris is the Client Services Manager with lntellous. Chris focuses on supporting business development operations and directs client servicing strategy and planning. His background includes international business development with City of Boston’s Office of Economic Development and marketing and business development with the Advisory Board Company. Chris received a Bachelors Degree from Denison University.

intellous strategy insights

The following strategy white papers are examples of insights we have developed for various industries. We work with our clients to develop highly customized corporate strategy focused on innovation and disruption that leads to better results. Click on the images to read the white papers.

This strategy whitepaper outlines how micro-grid energy solutions could dramatically change the residential energy provider landscape.

Sysco could add alcoholic beverages to their existing online ordering platform to create a strategic advantage and make their clients even more sticky.

This strategic whitepaper outlines how the creation of an electronic subpoena could disrupt the medical records retrieval industry and create a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Intellous Partners is a division of Nexo Services LLC